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Latest Series

'A Journey Through'
(an exploration of  journey & mystery)

'Lookout Billow'

'Lookout Billow' oil and cold wax on canvas 36"x48"x2" Exhibition Piece - Mountain Songs

'Infinite Horizons'

'Infinite Horizons' 30"x40"x2" oil and cold wax on canvas NEW - Loft Gallery

Passing Through

'Passing Through' 20"x30"x2" oil and cold wax on canvas NEW - Loft Gallery

Above It all

'Above It All' 20"x20"x2" oil and cold wax on canvas SOLD

'Journey Together'

'Journey Together' 12"x12"x2" oil and cold wax on wood SOLD

In This Together 60" x 36" oil & cold wax on canvas SOLD

A Ride To Remember - KellyV

A Ride to Remember 60" x 36" oil on canvas SOLD

Journey to Centre - KellyV

Journey To Centre 48" x 40" oil & cold wax on canvas SOLD

Second Passage - KellyV Artist

Second Passage 20" x 20" oil on canvas SOLD

20" x  20" - KellyV

Towards Adventure 20" x 20" oil on canvas SOLD

KellyV Artist

10" x 10" oil on wood SOLD

KellyV Artist

Moving Through 10" x 10" oil on wood SOLD

KellyV Artist

What A Ride 10" x 10" oil on wood SOLD

Art On Walls


Recent Commission

Custom Helmet for Britt Richarson

I once raced World Cups, won medals, & nearly snagged an Olympic medal. Now, I'm honoured to be getting back on the race track...but this time...I'll leave the fast skiing to Britt Richardson.
This season, it's my art that will race down MTNs, I designed and painted Britt's custom helmet for her 2024 season on the White Circus.
The design was inspired by her community (Canmore's Three Sisters MTNs), her country (red MTNs and a Maple Leaf treeline), and Britt's personal taste (her favourite shade of blue).
The design also took into account her head sponsors, to ensure they get the attention they deserve.
The World Cup season opener is happening in Sölden, Austria Oct. 28th & 29th - follow along via FIS Alpine!


Creative Commission


Inspired by the movement of skiing and the Canmore Valley (the previous home of the owner) I chose to showcase, through a graphical representation:

the local Paintbrush wildflower, Bow River, Rundle Forebay, and the mountain peaks HaLing & EEOR.

2023 - KellyV Original Art (web)-22.jpg
Change Agent - Kelly VanderBeek - Transitions Exhibit 2020 - 6_x48_-2.jpg


Transitions - 2020-2021

Small Action. Big Impact.

This is my interpretation of when an object becomes larger than life, as the plastic straw has in the fight to slow climate change. 

Creative Combat

4x Participant & 2x Runner-Up

20 min. 1 Canvas. 12 Artists. 1 Winner.

Artists compete for votes while raising money for a good cause. This event is ArtsPlace's biggest fundraiser of the year and supports local arts programming. 

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