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Artist Statement
Kelly VanderBeek

Pulling inspiration from my time outdoors, I aspire to share the wonder and mystery of those spaces through my art. 


My current series of work, exploring snow, fog, biking and chairlifts, is anchored in my hope to better understand our journeys through the unknown.  With a style based on realism, I continue to push boundaries into the abstract while holding onto a hint of whimsy. 


With a camera in one hand and a sketchbook in the other, my artistic journey began in adolescence.  Since then, my inclination to communicate through imagery has expanded and been influenced by my travel, work, and education.  However, my artistic practices took a back seat to my athletic career as an Olympian & World Cup Medallist. Until my body broke.


After a serious injury in 2009, art helped me heal and has since been at the core of my life’s work.  My artistic pursuits have flourished thanks to a few key mentors and time at the easel - pushing my comfort zones. In the last 5 years, my paintings have been included in curated exhibitions, I was a member of the Canmore Art Guild, and was represented by Alberta’s Own Gallery.


Throughout my life’s journey, art has been my enduring companion. Only my canvases have evolved.


Kelly VanderBeek, an Ontario Native who's since lived in both BC & Alberta, has done a few things in her life. From racing down mountains to chasing down stories, and from photographing the Royals to hanging in galleries.  She is known for pushing her comfort zones and her willingness to take on challenges.

  • Artist - Painter 

  • Curated Exhibitions: Kinship (2023 & 2024)Mountain Songs (2023) Transitions (2020-2021) CanFund (2018)

  • Creative Combat competitor & 2x Runner-Up

  • CAG (Canmore Art Guild) Member 2019-2021

  • Represented by: Loft Gallery & Alberta’s Own

  • Photographer, Award Winning & SONY Industry Advisor

  • Olympic Downhiller | World Cup Medallist | TV Host/Reporter

Kelly VanderBeek


Although I’ve explored with many mediums, today, my preferred tools are oil and cold wax on canvas.  However, I am known to use acrylics from time to time.

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